Lovely Sue Chintu (Susan Chintu) is a young Afro-Scandinavian model who, at an early age, discovered her interest and desire of becoming a model.

Just like any kid who dreams of that, she used to pose for hours in front of the mirror dressing and making herself up and posing for photos. Sue also read a lot of fashion magazines knowing that her dream of becoming like one of those models would come true one day.

With the support of her siblings and especially her mother, Sue started modeling in 2000. After years of trying, her breakthrough came when she represented Zambia at the Face of the Universe World Finals, which took place in Accra-Ghana in October 2008

This opened up her career. She has been featured in various fashion magazines both in Europe and in Africa. Apart from modeling, Sue loves children and works part-time at a kindergarten with children of 1-3 years of age.

When asked how she manages to keep her figure, Sue says she has naturally been small and she eats reasonably. She has always been an active person who likes to get up early and do as much as she can during the day. This has been of so much importance to her success.

ME Magazin asked Sue Chintu about her plans for the future. All she could think of is working hard to become a very successful model—designing her own collections and being a mentor to young and aspiring models
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